In today’s environment, the demand for infrastructure to support the energy industry is unprecedented. As outdated structures begin to need replacement and undeveloped areas require new construction, a reduction in public funding and weakened economies have created a need for strong private-sector investors such as Mina Group.


As part of our continuous drive to develop flexible, dependable supply chains, Mina Group is committed to investing significant capital in energy infrastructure assets, including:

  • Pipelines
  • Storage facilities
  • Gas to power projects
  • Rail facilities
  • Port terminals

Our expertise in energy infrastructure includes the design, purchase, ownership, and operation of various mid-stream energy infrastructure assets. The Mina Group infrastructure team includes project managers, engineers, fuel specialists, laboratory technicians, quality assurance specialists, and other professionals with experience in various aspects of energy infrastructure management.


Infrastructure in Emerging Markets
Many of the world’s most sought-after energy sources are located in emerging markets that lack sufficient infrastructure for exploration, development, production, transportation, and distribution. Mina Group is committed to investing in the infrastructure that supports energy services in these areas — and that help to develop these local economies.


For more information about Mina Group’s Infrastructure Services, please contact one of our international offices.