Corporate governance and compliance policies are essential to Mina Group’s operating principles.

Compliance is not only a matter of meeting basic legal or contractual requirements – to us, it is the only way to do business. By mandating regular training and briefings from experienced external advisors and internal staff, we strive to create a culture of compliance throughout Mina Group – an initiative that starts at the most senior levels.


Corporate governance is also reflected in several of our company’s key strengths:

  • Our ongoing investment in state-of-the-art logistics systems
  • Our recruitment of high-calibre personnel and comprehensive in-house training in trading, trade finance, logistics, and port and terminal operations
  • Our strong relationships with leading global financial institutions
  • A detailed Quality Control Plan (QCP) that ensures we take the greatest care in handling petroleum products in conformity with the latest international environmental standards
  • Our continuous improvement by using the Plan-Do-Review protocol
    • An extensive insurance cover by prime underwriters in London’s Lloyds insurance market
    • A corporate responsibility policy that includes personal insurance for our employees working in remote and hazardous locations


For more information about Mina Group, please contact one of our international offices.