Fuel supply and transportation is the foundation on which Mina Group was built. Our global logistics network enables us to create optimal supply chain solutions for the delivery of fuel globally. Our integrated approach enables us to support defense, government, and commercial customers on all aspects of the fuel supply chain, including sourcing, supply, procurement, transportation, logistics, testing, storage, and delivery.


Mina Group transports high-quality petroleum products including:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoil
  • Gasoline
  • Jet fuel

Every day, we deliver fuel products to areas across the globe via sea, rail, and road for our commercial and government clients. Our transportation and logistics experts design customized solutions to ensure seamless execution from origin to destination, even through the most difficult terrain and to the most remote areas.

Mina Group’s strong relationships with major oil producers, refiners, suppliers, and traders, in addition to our deep knowledge of global and local markets, enable us to meet even the most challenging transport needs of our customers. We leverage our expertise in risk management, security, structured finance, hedging, insurance, and trading to ensure safe, secure, and timely delivery, every time.

Our scale, expertise, experience, and superior quality has made us the preferred choice for defence, government, and commercial customers in need of seamless execution and dependable, on-time delivery anywhere in the world.


By Sea
Our shipping transportation specialists operate within a close network of shipping brokers and tanker and barge operators, with specialised expertise in the Baltics, Mediterranean, Caspian Sea, and the broader CIS region. We help customers manage freight deliveries, cost, and delivery time.


By Rail
Mina Group’s extensive network of rail operators handle transshipment, customs clearance, security, quality control, and tracking, often throughout multiple countries along any given supply chain route. Our team of logistics specialists can arrange spot and term deliveries for defence, government, and commercial customers.


By Road
Mina Group’s solid track record of truck deliveries has made us a leader in the industry. We have pioneered new routes, designed safe and secure deliveries, and developed customized solutions for every supply chain need. Our trucks have seamlessly delivered fuel products in some of the world’s most challenging environments — even in the middle of global conflicts — and still ensured on-time deliveries for our customers.


For more information about Mina Group’s Transportation Services, please contact one of our international offices.