Mina Group has invaluable expertise and extensive networks for the procurement, movement, and multi-modal delivery of a variety of petroleum products in CIS countries, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, by means of trucks, rail, and vessels. Currently, we are working on expanding our presence in the Middle East and additional regions within the global marketplace.


Since 1999, Mina Group has sourced over one and a half billion gallons of fuel from diverse markets and transported that fuel across thousands of kilometers by sea, rail, road, and pipeline.


Our sourcing approach to each procurement request is managed with a keen eye towards global trends and the nuances of local markets. A strong presence in global hubs allows us to build relationships with suppliers, refiners and end users. Because we are well versed in risk management, transportation, structured finance, and other aspects of the transactional process, our clients can be confident that we will perform and deliver a quality product at a competitive price, in a timely manner.